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Frederick Investigations offers private investigation, service of process, client liaison for mass tort throughout Missouri out of our St. Louis office.

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About Us

Frederick Investigations Inc. has been dedicated to assisting the people of Missouri in process service and investigations for over 50 years. We are one of the oldest & largest full service investigative and legal support team in the state of Missouri. We are networked nationwide with offices located both in St. Louis as well as Kansas City, MO. Our team of professionals personally serve statewide Missouri and parts of Illinois and Kansas with a personal touch. We will walk you through the entire process during the consultation, setting accurate result expectations and timeframes. Because our company is large and well organized, a member of staff can always be reached by phone or email.

At Frederick Investigations Inc., we work with law firms around the country to provide them with service of process and investigations. We also work with corporations and small businesses as client liaison for mass tort and general client enrollment. For more information about the services we provide, give us a call or see our services listed below.

State Licensed Investigative Services

Asset Search: Locate assets including foreign and national bank accounts, brokerage accounts, property, vehicles, business affiliations, and other valuable assets to satisfy judgments and other debt collection matters.

Background Checks: Screening for criminal and other valuable information about a person pre-employment or before engaging in a financial connection.

Surveillance with Covert Video: Legally obtained video surveillance to use as evidence in court or proof of questionable behavior.

Records Retrieval: Police and court records searched and copied as necessary at the local, state, and federal level. We can also research online records from many databases.

Skip Trace/Person Locate: Thorough profile on missing or evasive person to find lost loved ones or serve due process.

Other Investigative Services: We provide many additional investigative services including witness statements, MVA search, social security trace, electronic bug sweeping, and more. Please contact us to ask about our full list of services.

Process Service

Our process service department is extensive and very experienced with the geography, local law enforcement, and people throughout Missouri, Kansas, and Illinois. Frederick Investigations works with law firms nationwide to provide multiple serves, difficult serves, rush serves, and routine service of all your legal documents. We are experienced with subpoenas, summons and complaints, writs, notices, and other court and legal documents. Every service comes with status updates and a prompt affidavit of service.

For private individuals dealing with family law situations that may include divorce, child support, temporary restraining orders, or other sensitive issues, let us know and we will explain how service of process works. Although we are not qualified to give legal advice, we will make sure your process serving needs are met in the easiest way possible. Please don't hesitate to call if you have any further questions.


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